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Do you love art? Only 20km from san rocchino is lucca. A small lovely little town that has amazing art and culture. Or Do you prefer bigger cities? You can reach florence, getting the highway in only 40 min you will get to the lovely city, if then you want to climb uo the leaning tower of pisa its only 40km apart. Do you also wanna relax as much as possible? Then what else then the spa/thermal baths at bagni di lucca, 10 km from podere san rocchino. What about a day at the beach? The famous versilia area offers a lot of things: sun , beach, shops at the beschwalk , gelato and restaurants and the famous dancing clubs around the area. Just "two footsteps" from them you can also check out and see the lovely tower of lake puccini and if lucky you can akso buy tickets to listen to his music. If your not satisfied with the traditional destinations you can go so many more places like, :'garfagnana, grotte del vento, eremo di colomini, campocatino, colonnata or other historical paths and villages thatnare part of the gothic line and you cant miss the gastronomic itineraries in this splendid landscape.